descriptionwenboi GB emulator
ownerJorge Gorbe
last changeMon, 27 May 2013 18:24:36 +0000
2013-05-27 Jorge Gorbe Fixed opcodes E8 and F8 master
2013-05-27 Jorge Gorbe Merge
2013-05-27 Jorge Gorbe bugfix: timer
2013-05-27 Jorge Gorbe exit HALT when IF!=0, even if interrupts disabled
2013-05-24 @slackito little markdown formatting fix
2013-05-24 @slackito Create
2012-09-06 Jorge Gorbe Fixed DAA, RLC, RRC
2012-09-06 Jorge Gorbe whitespace fix
2011-10-02 slack Fixed flags in bit rotates
2011-10-02 slack Fixed zero flag in SBC
2011-10-02 slack Fixed zero flag in ADD HL, r16
2011-10-02 slack Fixed POP AF instruction (lowest 4 bits in flags are...
2010-08-19 slack Changed time measurements for FPS display
2010-02-16 slack Added FPS counter to status bar
2009-05-19 slack Added options to disable drawing of BG/Window/Sprites
2009-05-13 slack Fixed 2 bugs in sprite drawing
10 years ago v0.1 First point release. CPU+Video...
6 years ago master